The Riverwalk Weaving

 The Riverwalk Weaving was a participatory, site-specific installation that invited the public to connect with the land and one another through hands on weaving.

Located on a bridge crossing the San Lorenzo River in Santa Cruz, CA, artists Nora Grant and Melody Overstreet invited people to weave with colors reflecting the river's native ecology. Rusty reds of buckwheat. A golden splash of poppy. Shady bay leaf greens. Morning sky blues.

Using the metal posts as a warp, we turned the bridge into a massive loom that welcomed observation, textile-touch, and human connection.


The Riverwalk Weaving project was funded with an artist grant from the Santa Cruz County Art Council. Yarns were donated by these warm souls: The Fabrica, Yarn Shop Santa Cruz, The UCSC Institute of the Arts and Sciences, The Santa Cruz Handweavers Guild, The Santa Cruz County Art Council, Jenifer Neel, Stacey Grant, and Ann Dizikis.